Terms and Conditions

1. Membership

Membership to the program is free and you can join by simply picking up a Romeo's Rewards Card (the 'Card') at a participating store and going online to input your details at romeosrewards.com.au (the Website). Your 'home store' (Home Store) will be defaulted to the store you made your original Romeo's Rewards purchase at. A registered Card is not transferable, and may only be used by the registered cardholder. It is your responsibility to keep your personal details updated. If your personal details change and you fail to notify us of the change we might not be able to offer or provide to you benefits and may need to cancel your Card. If an unregistered Card is lost, any benefit loaded on the Card cannot be replaced.

2. Participating stores

Participating stores (the Store) will display the Romeo's Rewards logo.  Participating stores will provide different benefits and they will vary them from time to time. For example, some stores will offer Romeo's Rewards special prices on selected products. Other stores will award loyalty points that you can use to pay for a future purchase. For details of what benefits a Store offers, check with the staff at your next visit.

3. Using your card

A great way to reward yourself for smarter shopping, shop at any one of our Romeos stores and get your Romeos card swiped at checkout to earn points.

Every dollar you spend earns you points that can be collected to redeem savings from your Romeos Grocery bill, and the more points you collect, the better the rewards available to you for each $1 spent in a Romeos store we attribute 1 point to your card.

You can redeem your saved points at any given time at any commencement of a transaction.  100 points gained will give you $1 in redemption, 1000 points gained will give you $10 in redemption and so forth.


4. Linking cards to one account

If you have registered your Card, you can add Cards to your account that have been registered by your family or friends, via the Website. Our Website may refer to this as "linking". When you add other registered Cards to your account, you may be required to supply personal information for verification purposes. You should note that all additional cardholders may utilize your current entitlements without your knowledge. In registering any additional Cards you consent to those cardholders accessing your accrued entitlements. All benefits loaded on additional Cards will be credited to one account (the "Account"). The Account will be available to be drawn on by each additional cardholder so that any additional cardholder may redeem any benefit credited to the Account. If you want to add cardholders to your Account, you and your family or friends must nominate one Card as the primary Card ("Primary Card"). A maximum of 5 Cards (including the Primary Card) may be added together. If you decide that you no longer want to be a primary or additional cardholder to other Card(s), you can remove other cardholders from your account by logging on to our Website and clicking "unlink your cards". A primary cardholder can remove other Card(s) without the other cardholders' consent. Any benefits from a removed card will remain with the Account.

5. Privacy

The Loyalty Program (“the Program”) is offered to customers through participating stores.  Members of the Program (“Members”) receive benefits by scanning their activated Card during transactions at participating stores.

Worldsmart Retech Pty Ltd (A.C.N. 107 563 511) trading as WorldSmart Retail (“WorldSmart”) is a technology service provider that hosts the Program on behalf of participating stores.  This website is owned and maintained by WorldSmart.

WorldSmart is committed to respecting the privacy of your personal information and to complying with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles.  In hosting the Program and this website, WorldSmart collects and handles personal information.   The following Privacy Policy explains how we deal with personal information.

If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy you may terminate your membership of the Program at any time.

              ·         Types of personal information we collect

In hosting the Program, WorldSmart collects personal information from Members.  The nature and extent of personal information that WorldSmart collects varies depending on the level of each Member’s interaction with the Program. 

The types of personal information that may be collected from you as a Member include name, contact details, date of birth, supermarket transaction details, points accrual and reward details and authorisations.

              ·         How personal information is collected and held

WorldSmart collects personal information from the following sources:

o   Direct from Members (through the Card activation and registration process on this website);

o   The participating store that issued your Card (your Home Store);

o   If your Home Store is part of a group of stores owned and operated by the same entity or corporate group (your Home Store Group), your Home Store Group; and

o   The point of sale system and software installed and operated from your Home Store or your Home Store Group (which records transaction data linked with your Card).

WorldSmart holds personal information electronically and in hard copy form, both at our own premises and with the assistance of our service providers. 

              ·         Purpose for handling personal information

WorldSmart collects and handles your personal information for the purpose of hosting, maintaining, improving and personalising the Program (Primary Purpose).  The Primary Purpose includes the following functions and activities:

o   delivering products and services requested by you, your Home Store  and your Home Store Group and other participating stores;

o   providing you with further information about the products, services, benefits and promotions available under the Program;

o   managing the program benefits for your Card by reference to your eligible purchases;

o   to personalise and customise your experiences with the Program;

o   to verify your identity;

o   to maintain and update records relating to the Program and your membership of the Program; and

o   to deal with your enquiries relating to the Program and enquiries made by your Home Store or your Home Store Group.

    ·      Disclosure of your personal information to your Home Store

As a Member, you consent to us providing your personal information to your Home Store and/or your Home Store Group.  As part of WorldSmart’s services in hosting the Program on behalf of participating stores, WorldSmart hosts an online portal through which your Home Store and/or your Home Store Group can access your personal information (“the Home Store Portal”).  Please refer to your Home Store/ Home Store Group’s privacy policy for further information as to the manner in which your Home Store/ Home Store Group deals with personal information it collects from the Home Store Portal.

In addition to providing access to help you maintain your account details, the Home Store Portal also allows your Home Store/ Home Store Group to:

o   access your personal information for the purposes of direct marketing; and

o   provide marketing communications and targeted advertising to you on an ongoing basis.?

If you do not wish to receive such communications from your Home Store/ Home Store Group through your online account:

o   login to your account at any time on this Website and opt out of SMS/MMS and email marketing;

o   contact WorldSmart Retail by telephone on Ph. 1300 738 324 or by email at sales@worldsmartretail.com.au; or

o   write to WorldSmart Retail at 33 McKechnie Drive, Eight Mile Plains QLD  4113.

WorldSmart does not host, manage or control communications that your Home Store/ Home Store Group may initiate outside of the Home Store Portal (such as communications by telephone, email, SMS or mail).

·         Direct Marketing

Other than operating and maintaining the Home Store Portal in the manner described in paragraph 4 above, WorldSmart does not use your personal information for direct marketing purposes, nor does it sell your personal information to third parties.

·         Other disclosures of your personal information

WorldSmart will only use and disclose your personal information for purposes which are related to the Primary Purpose or if we otherwise get your consent to do so, in accordance with this Privacy Policy, the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles.

In hosting and maintaining the Program, we may need to disclose personal information to third parties including:

o   Third party contractors engaged to provide technical services;

o   Professional advisors, including our accountants, auditors and lawyers;

o   Persons authorised by you to receive information held by us; and

o   Any persons as required or permitted by any law.

WorldSmart does not disclose personal information overseas.

 ·         Security of personal information

We implement a range of measures to protect the security of that personal information.  We also take measures to destroy or de-identify personal information that is no longer needed for any lawful purpose.

 ·         Access to, correction to and feedback on personal information

As a Member, you can access and make changes to your personal information at any time by logging onto your online account. 

If you have any feedback or concerns about privacy, please contact us in writing.  We treat all complaints seriously and intend to resolve your complaint within a reasonable timeframe, usually 14 days or otherwise as soon as practical.  However, in some complex cases, resolution may take longer.  In handling complaints about privacy, we may adopt the following methods to resolve the complaint:

o   Asking you for further information regarding the complaint;

o   Discussing resolution options with you; and/or

o   Conducting an investigation.

Please address all of your privacy related queries to the following address:

Attention:  Privacy Officer

WorldSmart Retail
33 McKechnie Drive
Eight Mile Plains  QLD  4113
Ph.  1300 738 324

Email:  sales@worldsmartretail.com.au

·         Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to review, and if necessary, change this Privacy Policy.  We will post changes to this Privacy Policy on this Website. 

6. How to Cancel Your Membership

You may cancel your Card either on our Website. If a Card is cancelled all benefits will be automatically forfeited.

7. Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

Keep your Card in a safe place. If your Card is lost, stolen or damaged, visit our Website. If you have registered your Card and your Card is lost or stolen, your Home Store may issue you with a replacement Card. Any benefits on your lost or stolen registered Card will be cancelled but may be replaced by your Home Store. However, if your Card is not registered, any benefits already loaded on that lost Card cannot be replaced. If your Card is damaged or unusable, your Home Store may issue you with a replacement Card. If your Card is registered or if the unique barcode on the Card is still readable, any benefits loaded on your damaged Card may be replaced by your Home Store. However, if your Card is not registered and the unique barcode is not readable, any benefits already loaded on that damaged Card cannot be replaced. The issuing of replacement Cards and the re-instatement of current entitlements on lost, stolen or damaged Cards is at your Home Store's discretion.

8. Other information

By registering online you will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions that govern the Romeo's Rewards program. Your card is issued by and remains the property of your Home Store.

We reserve the right at any time and without notice, to;

(a) decline to issue Romeo's Rewards Cards
(b) cancel your membership
(c) modify membership benefits
(d) terminate the Romeo's Rewards program

9. Points Expiry

On and from Friday 4th September 2015 all current and future Romeo Rewards points will expire 12 months from the date on which they were or are (as applicable) credited to your Card account unless redeemed earlier at participating stores. Any Romeo Reward points you have at Friday 4th September 2015 which are 12 months or older will expire 28 days from Friday 4th September 2015 unless you redeem them earlier at a participating store. Romeo Reward points cannot be redeemed for cash.

10. Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time. Any changes to the terms and conditions will be made available to members via rewards.romeosrewards.com.au.